The Benefits Of Chaga Tea And How You Can Incorporate It Into Your Daily Routine

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Since the chaga plant is a natural ingredient It is crucial to understand the source of your products. Due to their role as decomposers within their ecosystems mushrooms are able to break down and reuse nutrients from dead or in the case of chaga living plant matter. This is one of the benefits since it is the reason that mushrooms contain nutrients that aren’t found in animal or plant products. However, this same characteristic may have a negative effect if mushrooms absorb toxins from their environment.

The Chaga mushroom powder made indoors is not just a convenience, it’s an issue of security. Mushrooms are able to take in heavy metals and toxic substances from the environment because they are bioaccumulators that naturally occur. This is especially relevant to wild chaga since this species is found in Russia in a location downwind from Chernobyl. Om cultivates its chaga indoors free of pesticides and toxins. In this clean and controlled environment, mycology experts oversee the optimal conditions for growth.

If you’re looking to try this unique functional mushroom, which has been used historically as both an alcoholic beverage as well as a medication to treat stomach and other ailments, chaga tea might be the best option. If you prepare a cup, you can taste the tea yourself and learn about the benefits of chaga tea that have been cherished around the world by diverse cultures for many centuries.

Brewing Chaga Tea

Though you can chaga mushroom tea by steeping pieces of conk, the easier (and more practical) option is to make use of already ground chaga powder. Because mushrooms are bioaccumulators it’s best to use the chaga that is growing indoors. Om Mushrooms has a Chaga Organic Mushroom supplement that does the work has been done for you. A quick and easy way to make Chaga tea is to add one teaspoon of the powder to water that has been warmed to 160 degrees F.

Although some like chaga’s taste profile however, some prefer to make it more appealing by adding their most-loved flavorings. These might include:

Sweeteners: add a spoonful of honey, agave, or maple syrup to taste

Milk: dairy, nut, or oat milk adds an element of creaminess

Flavorings: Vanilla and cocoa powder are both options to enhance the flavor of your drink.

Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, allspiceand ginger provide the spice to your meal.

Another alternative that blends all the benefits of the previous is Chaga Chai Latte. To make chaga tea-like benefits make sure you froth the milk, then sweeten it with sugar. Add warm spices to create an aromatic, creamy beverage.

Or, try Chaga Cherry Iced Tea, by making a teaspoonful of Chaga powder in hot water, then pouring over ice, along with one ounce of tart cherry juice; sweeten to taste.

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Chaga also contains high levels of Oxalates. Gout and kidney stones can be the result of an over-consumption of oxalates (also found in spinach, dates beets, dates, and beets). If you’ve ever had any of these conditions consult your physician.